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In the face of a staggering rate of up to 95% treatment abandonment, Adonais Mercy House serves as a pillar of hope, helping children and their families navigate the intricate challenges of pediatric cancer. By offering comprehensive support, the organization endeavors to enhance the quality of life for these young patients and provide solace and strength to their families during an incredibly trying journey.


Due to the exorbitant costs associated with childhood cancer treatment, a staggering 90% of families find themselves compelled to abandon these vital interventions, leaving scant hope for the survival of afflicted children. In response to this critical need, Adonais Mercy House is driven by the belief that every child deserves a chance at life, irrespective of their financial circumstances. Our organization is dedicated to bridging this gap by offering essential support, ensuring that children can persist in their treatment and access the necessary medication and care vital for their well-being.


Our mission is to inform and empower families through education, fostering early detection practices. By doing so, we aim to extend our support at the earliest stages, significantly enhancing a child's likelihood of survival.





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